Facebook Timeline: Automatically delete all status updates, wall posts & comments ever made

With Facebook Timeline, every status update, wall post and photo ever posted since the day you joined Facebook becomes reachable in just couple of clicks. Personally I am terrified by the idea. As much as I remembered, I never really signed up for this type of privacy, the first day I joined Facebook. Therefore I decided to do something about it. The first idea was to completely delete the Facebook account, but having into consideration that Facebook usually deactivates the account, instead of deleting it, I wanted to make sure that I have really removed (or at least hidden) most of the content that I have produced (or in other words given to Facebook for granted). I was mostly worried about Status Updates, Wall Posts, and comments that I have made to other profiles. Well apparently there is a way to delete all of that, and that is by using the Timeline feature, accompanied with a short Greasemonkey script that I generated:

The script is called Absterge (To make clean by wiping; to wipe away; to cleanse; to purge) and is available on the following link: http://userscripts.org/scripts/review/122073
(mirror: http://pastebin.com/Q9JbxRe9)

The script is in the initial version, therefore I demand your patience. Note that, once you open the ‘Activity Log’, the script will delete every Facebook activity visible in the expanded chronological year.  How to use it:

  1. Install Firefox (any OS on any architecture)
  2. Install Greasemonkey (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/)
  3. Download and install the Absterge script available above.
  4. Log in to Facebook and make sure that Facebook Timeline is available.
  5. Navigate to the ‘Activity Log’.
  6. The script will start unrolling the current expanded year triggering the ‘More Activity’ click event.
  7. As soon as the script finds posts / comments / status updates, those will be automatically removed, without warnings.
  8. In order to remove the activity of another year, just expand the year tab. The script will take care of the rest.

The current implementation is quite sloppy. It would be great if someone is in the mood to adapt the script, so it can have a nice GUI to integrate in the Activity Log of Facebook, as well as to provide feedback of the posts being removed.


72 thoughts on “Facebook Timeline: Automatically delete all status updates, wall posts & comments ever made

  1. I just installed the script and it does not appear to be working. I can see it attempting to work but when it finishes, all of the entries are still there. Once, after several manual refreshes, it appeared to freeze (but was actually attempting to work) and when it stopped all of the entries were gone. I thought it had finally worked. However, once I went back to my newsfeed and returned to the activity log, ALL of the historical entries were back. I look forward to updated versions.

    • Well ideally the script should start working as soon as you expand one chronological year on the timeline. Yes, it is not polished yet, and might delete your friends as well. As soon as I polish it, I will update it to the newest version.

  2. Installed and it starts unrolling the current year and then after several minutes of doing the expansion it crashes FF (9.0.1). Then I open to start all over again. There are 5 years worth of posts, comments, likes…etc.. What do I do?

  3. I tried that to my profile and it worked perfect! It deleted all my likes and comments like I wanted.
    Then my sister wanted the same. I tried from the same computer and it didn’t work. It was just scrolling down the activity log.
    Just to check if there is really a bug, i liked a few things in my profile and clicked “Delete likes” and it worked again?! Then i thought that its from the laptop and tried from hers… the same.
    It is working in my profile, but its not in hers.
    We are using MacBooks

    • This is quite weird problem. The implementation of the ‘Absterge’ script mainly depends on Firefox Greasemonkey, and this tool is cross-platform. Try updating Firefox / Greasemonkey, and let me know whether you still have the same problem.

    • okay having the same problem that the other girl is having…it scrolls through the activiy log but nothing is being deleted…tried checking for update and its still not working

      • Hi Meg. It has been a while since I wrote that script. It might be the case that Facebook has changed something in their implementation, and then the delete requests are no longer valid or complete. I will check the script and let you know whether I have fixed it.

  4. Thanks for taking the trouble to write the script.

    I wouldn’t recommend using it in its current state though. It wiped out what I had for 2012 (the one year I wanted to keep), without me clicking on the year (and clicking on the other years straight away). And then it wouldn’t delete the other years, and kept scrolling without doing anything (as described above).

    I had to restart Firefox a few dozen times to get it to run again, and then it deleted most stuff from most years (as notified above, it leaves photos (though it seems to delete some (not all), but also leaves some other things). All in all, it took a few hours, and I had to delete the rest myself manually. I think I would actually have spent less time – and been able to save the stuff from 2012 – doing it manually from the start.

    Nice try though…

  5. Gosh, I am having the same issue. The script scrolls through everything and I excitedly think it’s deleting, but when it’s done, I scroll back up and see that nothing has been deleted.

    • Yep Same Problem here. Maybe Facebook changed how it works, because while i see it scroll through the posts, you have to click a button and then confirm to delete anything. And it doesn’t seem to be doing that.

  6. Same here..Just scrolls down and because I have been on Facebook for 4 years I logged off on after having finished the first year and when I logged in again everything was still there..any suggestions?

  7. is this still working? it started unscrolling, but when i check my profile. nothing has been deleted, thanks!

  8. Hey, I am trying to delete all of my post on fb and I do not have a clue what I am doing here is this the best way to do it?

  9. I just want to delete “Likes” and comments I’ve made on other peoples pages/posts, but not my status updates etc. Can it just do that?

  10. Thank you very much for this application!
    But I have the same problem of the people below: it just scrolls and delete nothing..!
    Hope you’ll find a way to make it work again, this was the best solution on the internet!

  11. Does not work. Scrolls down page, but does not delete anything. Brand new/fresh install of Firefox (got it just to try this script) and fresh install of greasemonkey.

    This script needs to be tested on the newest version of Firefox/greasemoney and debugged.

  12. Idnt know how to use it . I have download everything it says . It wont work . I cant even find the mass edit button . Im using a macbook btw .

  13. Could anyone tell me how to instal script?
    You got how to use it text but there is no things about installin scripts…

  14. It works perfect, thank you. I wish also delete all posts from Activity Log itself. From time to time delete whole search history and everything else. Fb says it is visible only to me but I want to delete it anyway. Do you know some scripts or apps doing this?

  15. This didn’t work for me, in fact, it wasted a LOT of my time…

    It finds all of my posts alright, but doesn’t delete anything =/

    An update would be amazing!!!

  16. wow… it works.. thank you very much… i was frustated to deleted thousands activities…. but with this Absterge, it only takes a few minutes… GBU…

    • I have updated the script few days ago. It *should* work for some time now, until Facebook decides to change something new.

      • hey, i have tried it. it worked for a bit then facebook decides to change all my past statuses to hidden to that the script is unable to chop it. are you aware of that. and how do i counter it?

      • What do you mean facebook decided to change all past stuff on hidden ? The thing is, as much as I know, facebook had a minor bug, that if you have like a gap of couple of months, it kind of fails to load the subsequent months. There is nothing I can do to counter that behavior (if that is the case). In all other cases, even if the posts / comments are ‘hidden’, one should be able to still remove them.

      • hello, the script works. it deleted my 2013, 2012 comments, then all my 2011,2010,2009,2008 stuff it just scrolls and scrolls down but doesn’t delete any. On closer inspection i noticed that facebook now changed the remaining wall posts and comments to ”hidden” icon. so the script cannot delete those. the effect of that is I cannot delete all my history of which is necessary for me at this time.

    • The script it meant to delete / remove entries from the ‘Activity Log’, therefore I doubt that it will serve the fan pages.

  17. Please update the script. November 29 now and it just scrolls down forever and does not delete anything. Thanks for your hard work.

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  19. Hello!
    Your scrip it great!
    But can you help me to delete all fan page posts and photos? I have rebrand my small business and don’t want to see older logos and name on my fan page. There are a lot status and photos on fan page. Only photos are 15 000+. I will be appreciated if you can help me. I can pay some money to you for this 🙂

  20. Hello , Please i need to delete all the messages on my facebook wall. Help with an updated script. Kindly let me know if you can help or send me a script and i can get somebody to update it.Kindly send instructions as well.

  21. Looks like Facebook rolled out a new update, breaking this script in the process. It’s been a long while since the last patch. Any chance we can get a new one?
    (Also you might need to use pastebin, as userscripts.org is down)

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