An Epic Ride: Lausanne – Zurich

In Switzerland its almost impossible to stay away from sports. Good news is that I love biking, which makes it a double win. And I just broke my suffer score record on Strava. Additional extras: winning the bet consisted of a crate of Erdinger. Thanks to Darko Makreshanski for being awesome on the bike all the way to Zurich.


The trip was consisted of heavy rain, from Lausanne to Neuchatel, and burning sun for the rest of the trip. Although I cursed on several languages because I completely soaked, I soon understood that the rain was like a God given natural air-conditioning system that cools off your body. After 200km, and almost 12h on the bike, none of that matters anymore, except for the agonising pain caused by the bike seat.


Nevertheless, there are no words to explain the joy of touching Zurich canton and knowing that you have already made it.


And finally, thanks to all Italians from Sicily, for inventing the pasta. Eating it, while riding, feels like adding nitro in the car in Fast & Furious. Well maybe I was not fast, but I was furious for sure.


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